Gondola Display Shelving

Effective gondola display shelving enables groceries and retailers to maximize store space by creating versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing display solutions. Our standard gondola display shelving is designed to give 24,000 lbs. offset load capacity at a 1.67 safety factor and is the strongest product in the industry. All shelves up to 22” in depth have a 600 lb. capacity at a 1.67 safety factor. Our base and upper shelves are offered in one inch increments from 12” to 30”. 

STORFLEX gondola displays can be customized to your store requirements and are available in a variety of configurations including single-sided, double-sided and wraparound gondolas that transform standard islands into walk around display units.


Progressive design characteristics and Gondola Guard™ Protection Plus further enhance the customer experience and extend the functional life of your in-store merchandising assets.                                                                                                 


Other shelving features include:

  • Extra Strength
  • Good Looks
  • High Quality
  • Best Lead Times
  • Exclusive Features
  • PreAssembly Available
  • Latest Design Features
  • Exclusive Upgrade Features
  • Extensive Color Palette
  • Special Products Design Applications

                                                   Z Line Display Shelving with Gondola Guard



Contact us to request a product catalog or to learn more about STORFLEX gondola display shelving products.