Creative Pet Store Displays: Boost Sales with Eye-Catching Ideas

Did you know that the pet supply industry in the US is valued at nearly 24 Billion dollars, according to IBIS World? It’s no secret that pet lovers across the country will search far and wide for the best food, toys and supplies for their furry friends. However, it’s important for pet store owners to remember that with the convenience of online shopping, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout your store is crucial to attracting and maintaining loyal customers. This post explores creative display options to set you apart from the competition, and increase your overall sales. 

Draw In Customers With Clever Treat Displays

Treats are just that: special! They warrant being displayed in a thoughtful way so that owners feel compelled to spoil their loyal companion with something fun. Rely on tiered displays to show off multiple levels of treats and goodies, or even glass cases to display individually sold treats such as dog and cat friendly cookies or cupcakes (yes, those exist!)

Using peg boards is a versatile way to display all types of supplies from treats to leashes and collars. They allow customers to access different sizes and patterns easily, without messing up the display you have created. 

Use a Logical and Easy to Navigate Layout

Just like in other retail settings, it’s crucial for customers to feel confident that they will be able to find what they are looking for without having to walk laps around your store. Proper signage is very helpful, but also categorizing products by animal type, wet & dry food, supplies, treats, and accessories makes sense. Examples of different retail layouts include: grid, racetrack, free flow and geometric. Because your store should be organized thoughtfully pertaining to specific animal supplies, we recommend a grid or racetrack flow.  This will allow visitors to easily find what they’re looking for, but also gain exposure to additional products.

As for product placement, put frequently purchased items such as food in the back of your store, so that customers must walk past toys and other alluring items on their way. 

Implement Multiple Types of Supply Holders and Shelving

Pet shop owners can capitalize on the multiple different sizes and appearances of shelving units to make their inventory appear well organized and inviting. Examples of different types of storage units we recommend include: baskets, revolving towers, stationary and mobile carts and traditional shelving. Because pet items range dramatically in size, it’s well worth it to use multiple different sizes and types of shelving. This will create an aesthetically pleasing display where customers can easily find what they’re looking for. It also helps staff quickly identify areas that need restocking or adjusting. 

Varied display sizes and fixtures also gives you creative freedom with how you want to display specialty items like customizable dog collars, harnesses or leashes. 

Modular shelving is excellent for pet stores because it allows you to modify your displays throughout the year, and as you cycle through different brands that you carry.  

Leave Enough Aisle Space for Critters

What makes pet stores unique? The abundance of four legged critters accompanying the shoppers! To avoid constant readjusting and clean-ups, ensure there is enough space between each aisle for customers to walk with their (hopefully leashed) animal pals. 

Similarly, many pet store owners intentionally put durable chew toys and the like at the eye level of dogs so that they will be inclined to try the product, and lure their owner into purchasing it. Be thoughtful about which toys you put at dog level so as to ensure they are not damaged. 

Simple, Yet Bright

Luckily for pet store owners, some of the design pressure they may feel can be alleviated by the fact that most animal supplies are very colorful and patterned. Therefore, focus on making your displays sleek and organized. From there, you can let the polka dotted leashes and avocado themed plush toys do the work of luring in customers. This design guidance remains true for pet foods as well. Most pet food companies use color coordinated designs for different sizes and ages of animals, so simply stocking your shelves thoroughly and thoughtfully will create an inviting display.

Finally, when it comes to sleek shelving, we recommend sticking to one to two colors throughout your store so they can be effective in any aisle or corner and won’t detract from the colorful inventory.


As you can see, there are loads of ways to make your pet store appealing and organized. Using effective displays goes a long way in helping your customers enjoy their shopping experience and come back again and again. 
If you’re interested in learning more about creative pet store displays, check out our products or contact the Storflex team directly.