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7 Liquor Store Display Ideas To Boost Sales

Throughout the United States, certain establishments in every town or city help define a community. No matter where you are, chances are you have entered into your local liquor store.  Even at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic over a year ago, in many areas of the country, liquor stores were considered essential.

A recent report conducted by KPI6 measured the number of online conversations wine consumers were conducting. Some of the results were very interesting. According to the results, the overwhelming majority of conversations (nearly 95%) were over red wine. The day of the week that generated the most online chatter, you would be wrong if you say Friday or Saturday. It’s Sunday. These statistics are important for liquor store owners to understand as they begin designing or remodeling their store.

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As a retail store fixture manufacturer, our customers’ team at Storflex is often asked how we can help them increase sales with our premium display fixtures. As liquor store retailers look forward to what the in-store experience might look like in 2022 in a post COVID world, this article will highlight seven liquor store display ideas that will make your business more profitable.

Add Comboshelving to Existing Gondola and Wall Unit Shelving Units

With Comboshelving, liquor store retailers can easily showcase stock bottles of wine and spirits within the sales floor on top of existing gondola and wall unit shelving. This will allow sales associates to assist customers quickly. These units are featured in any steel powder-coated paint and can easily match the color of your existing shelving units.


Are you looking to enhance your display? Comboshelving units can easily feature a lighted fascia which will immediately draw attention to your liquor bottles. Double and single electronic ballast light fixtures are also available. Speak to your sales representatives to learn more about adding light to your display fixtures.

Utilize End Cap Displays for Seasonal Merchandise

seasonal merchandising

Most retailers in any industry can tell you the significance of the end unit displays on the bottom line to their business. They might not know that you never want to make end cap displays stagnant and should be regularly changed. This will also give your regular customers something to look forward to every time they enter your store.

For liquor stores, seasonal displays are the perfect opportunity to change your end units to highlight merchandise that customers will be most interested in given any calendar day—looking to increase holiday sales? Why not add liquor gift sets to your display units in December. Are you looking to boost summer sales? End unit shelving provides an excellent way to merchandise summer wines such as rose.

Clearspan Shelving is an excellent alternative to Gondola Fixtures

Many liquor store owners have changed their way of thinking related to sales floor design and have opened up to the idea of a “warehouse” looking store. Clearspan shelving is heavy-duty racks that allow retailers to merchandise on both sides of the display unit. Instead of gondola shelves, melamine decks are placed on top of deck support beams allowing the fixture to merchandise over two thousand pounds even distributed – perfect for spirits and wine boxes.

Leverage 4 – Way Displays for Impulse Purchases

4-Way Display units are 4 x 4 mobile store fixture units perfect for merchandising impulse items near sales counters. They feature either pegboard, solid board, or slatwall and accept any gondola shelf. This allows liquor store owners a terrific opportunity to effectively display on-the-go items most consumers wouldn’t think of purchasing when they first walk into your location. 

  • Travel-sized / samples
  • Candy/gum
  • Packaged snacks
  • Bottle openers
  • Card games
  • Ping pong balls & plastic cups
  • Beer mugs & wine glasses

Open End Baskets are Ideal to Merchandise Wine

Open End Baskets and dividers provide an outstanding alternative to merchandising wine on gondola shelving units. Instead of merchandising wine standing up, these baskets allow retailers to display effectively laying down – giving the consumer an optimal view of your products. They also provide more storage capacity given the size per bottle than a stand gondola shelf can provide.

Liquor Store Open End Baskets

Featured in any steel-powder-coated color, easily match your basket display with the same color as your gondola shelving units. Open-end baskets provide an elegant-looking display your consumers will remember each time they shop in your liquor store. The baskets fit right into standard uprights using an open-end basket clip and can be positioned at the best height advantages for your customers.

Add Security Cases

Most liquor stores sell bottles of merchandise that can range from $100-$500. It’s also important to have the ability to display such merchandise in a visible area to let your customer know you stock particular brands of spirits. Metal security cases are a perfect option as these display units can fit into any gondola or wall unit section, all while being locked for security purposes.

Security cases are shipped knocked down, very simple to install, and can be added to existing units without re-assemble the entire fixture. They are featured in any steel powder-coated color that easily matches the colors of the rest of the gondola shelving displays. End panels can even be added that match the board color of your back panels, creating an impressive, unified display, all while giving you comfort in merchandising expensive alcohol.

Always Tie Wall Unit Shelving into Walls

how to secure a wall unit shelf to the wall

Not necessarily a display fixture that will help you increase in-store sales, but one that could save you a significant amount of money. One of the most critical things any liquor store operator can do is ensure that all wall unit shelving displays are tightly secured to the wall. If wall unit fixtures are not tied into the walls, this could lead to a massive issue with the unit collapsing based on the weight of the merchandise on display. 

You don’t want to risk damage with heavy bottles falling onto the floor and destroying your merchandise. More importantly, you NEVER want to run the risk of having a wall unit collapse while your store is open and run any danger that might lead to any injury to your customers. 

These are just some ideas liquor store owners can incorporate when planning a new store or remodel. If you have any other store fixture displays you think can lead to increased sales, please message Storflex today! 

If you’re looking for a manufacturer to provide high-quality liquor store shelves, contact Storflex to get started today, cheers!