The Guide to Wire Shelving and Displays for Your Retail Design

Vertical display systems using wire shelving are the most versatile items you can include in your store design. They’re not just for show; they’re also a great way to make the most of your vertical space, keep items organized and accessible, and even help with merchandising by creating a more airy look in your store. In this guide we’ll discuss how to use wire shelves effectively, as well as their benefits over other types of displays. Let’s dig into some examples of how retailers have used them successfully in their stores!

Maximizing Vertical Space

An easy way to use vertical space well is to put shelving against a tall wall and stock it with products. This allows people the freedom to walk around a space and observe all the products available to them without feeling overwhelmed. An effective method for decorating and organizing shelving units is placing items like baskets on the wire shelf units.

Lots of different types of products work well on wire shelving, but especially displaying items that aren’t flat. The natural space between shelving invites 3 Dimensional displays of products. Stacking items or putting them into baskets can help make a space feel organized but also accessible. On the other hand, stacking flat items such as books on shelves creates an enticing juxtaposition of shapes.

Vertical space can sometimes be wasted if people don’t capitalize on all the space available to them. Don’t worry about creating shelves that are too high for customers to reach. Those top tiers can be an excellent place to store back-stock of items in cute, organized bins or boxes.

Leave Generous Spacing Between Products 

Some store owners feel the need to fill every square inch of shelving space with product, out of fear of looking unprepared or unprofessional if there is too much “empty” space on shelves. We encourage you to embrace a little bit of vacant space throughout your displays to create a more airy look in your store, giving customers room to breathe. Use small empty spaces on shelving to display decorative items or product signs and descriptions.

Leaving some intentional empty space on shelving also helps customers focus on the quality of the products you are selling rather than the sheer quantity. Let your customers focus on your product, instead of getting overwhelmed by a barrage of inventory. A great way to guide customers to look through an entire display is by using wire fencing and dividers. These simple tools create natural divisions between products. 

Wire shelving gives you many options for creating an inviting atmosphere.

As mentioned, the see-through component of wire shelving helps displays to feel spacious and open. Even in small retail spaces, customers will feel less crowded and more able to focus on the products you’re selling. Bulky metal and wooden shelves have their place in some instances, but wire shelving presents a lighter display. 

Wire shelving is also easily moveable, so you are not forever tied to one display approach like you would be with bulky, permanent shelving. 

How do you display tie-in products to increase impulse sales?

Using products like a wire grid end panel is an excellent way to place tie-in ancillary products near primary products that you are selling. One way to do this by placing units at the end of an aisle that relate to the other items being sold in that area. For example: placing Valentine’s Day themed candy at the end of the baked goods and candy aisle in a grocery store. 

It is also very impactful to place end units with tie-in products near the check out registers so that customers waiting in line can view additional items they may end up purchasing. 

Wire shelving and displays are the most versatile item you can include in your store design

Wire shelving and displays can be used to showcase merchandise and products that are normally hard to display and organize. Small and oddly shaped items are a great example as they can easily fit into decorative bins or boxes on wire shelves.

Wire shelving is durable, attractive and easy to maintain because it doesn’t collect dust like traditional wood shelves do.

Wire shelves come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors; so regardless of your store’s aesthetic, you can use them to effectively display your product. 

Finally, large wire shelving units are really helpful for organizing and back-stocking materials in your storage area. 


Wire shelving and display systems give you the opportunity to make your store design exactly what you want it to be. If you have some specific needs for storage or display space in your retail location, wire shelving is a great solution. A review of some of the many benefits of wire shelving include:

  • Wire shelving is versatile, and can be used to display all types of products.
  • It’s easy to assemble and comes in many different sizes. 
  • Wire shelving makes your store look clean and organized!
  • Wire shelving is durable and will last for years if you take care of it properly. 

If you’re interested in learning more about wire shelving display options, contact the experts at Storflex today for more information!