Manufacturing Capabilities

We’ve built our legacy on merchandising excellence, manufacturing best-in-class retail shelving solutions for leading brands.


Manufacturing Application

Storflex operates an advanced U.S. facility creating custom retail solutions, with a focus on environmental responsibility. Their manufacturing uses water-based adhesives and recycles materials like powder paint and metal scrap. They also employ sustainable practices in printing, using recycled paper and soy inks. Logistically, Storflex works with multiple carriers to offer low freight costs, benefiting from their proximity to major shipping routes along the eastern seaboard. Customers can inquire about freight rates through their customer service.

Improving Your Manufacturing Outcomes


High Production Environment

Storflex maintains an expansive state-of-the-art facility capable of creating customized solutions specifically designed for various retail industries with customers all over the United States.


Domestic Manufacturing

All adhesives utilized in the Storflex manufacturing process are water-based, allowing us to avoid the use of solvents or carriers. Metal wash tanks are chemically treated and re-circulated to protect groundwater and reclaimed powder paint is captured to coat non-visible metal surfaces.


Recycling Efforts

Reclaimed powder paint is captured to coat non-visible metal parts. All metal scrap is removed by certified recyclers only. By using recycled paper for printing, copying, and advertising, as well as using soy inks for printing, we are eliminating needless waste.



At Storflex, we work with various common carriers to provide you the lowest price on freight. Located in close proximity to major shipping corridors, this puts us at an advantage when shipping to the entire eastern seaboard. For questions on freight rates, please contact customer service today.

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