Discount Store Shelving

When a customer walks into your discount store, they need to be able to locate the best deals as quickly as possible. With our gondola display shelves, you can provide just that.


What we can do for you

Discount stores demand special requirements in order to properly merchandise all of their best deals. When working with Storflex, you will receive factory-direct gondola shelves and displays – meaning that every shelf we provide you with will be brand new.

Shelving for Discount Store

Solutions Built For Your Challenges


Merchandising Excellence

We’ve built our reputation on a legacy of merchandising excellence, manufacturing best-in-class discount store shelving specifically designed to help you grow your business.


Fastest Lead Times

From the time you place your order with the factory, to manufacturing, and delivery Storflex has the fastest lead times in the United States.


Industry- Leading Strength

With shelf capacities of over 600 pounds and an industry-leading 24,000 inch-pound load rating, rest assured the quality of your discount store fixture displays will be of the highest quality.


Extensive Product Line

Our product line includes upper shelves and base shelves manufactured in one-inch increments and various gondola shelving options including our patent Gondola Guard system.

Discount Store Shelving Features


With You Every Step of the Way

The YourShelf Process

There’s more to opening a new store than just purchasing store fixtures. You want a partner that will be honest and listen to your store’s needs. And that’s precisely what we do. We call this “YourShelf” and it represents our seamless ordering process designed to make your life easier.


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Your Success Matters



Head of Merchandising

Forget what they cost! The little extra is worth it! We did a side-by-side comparison of the 4 major shelving suppliers.  Hands down Storflex was the strongest, best built, and the fastest delivery. We found  Storflex products could be used in our liquor aisle, water aisle, and paper products. They also... hold up some much better, look better longer and we don’t have to replace them as often.
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Sourcing Manager Merchandising Products

I am responsible for buying and recommending suppliers for all our stores but specifically in North America. The difference between Storflex and the rest of the industry is striking. They work to accommodate my needs store by store and order by order, opposed... to forcing me into doing what’s good for them. Trust me, after buying shelving for 23 years, this is truly unique.  Thanks for putting my needs at the forefront of your approach.
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Vice President of Strategic Sourcing

We made a strategic decision to use Storflex as a second source to our primary supplier, who is one of the largest manufacturers in the world.  We found Storflex to be very responsive to our needs and supplied a product so far superior that we have now made Storflex... our primary supplier for all stores.
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VP of Merchandising and New Store Design

The convenience store business is changing rapidly and Storflex helped me not just efficiently re-design our concept store, but also brought in coolers, specialty wood services, and store layout design no other supplier offers.  It’s as if they offer a complete... “convenience store in a box.”  They even did custom colors for us. In the end, we had a supplier that helps me sell more products in our stores by delivering a complete solution.
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Director of New Store Resets

Our sales representative was fantastic! Was right on the dollar amount and expected delivery date. We appreciate him answering our questions and every phone call with concerns. We are completely satisfied with your service and the quality of the products we purchased.... You truly can tell the difference in American Made!
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Industries That Might Interest You


Hardware Store Shelving

Hardware stores require various displays that properly merchandise products at their best advantage. From security cabinets to power tool holders, Storeflex manufactures high-quality retail shelving units ideal for hardware supply stores.

Pet Store Shelving

We understand that pet supply stores have large amounts of inventory that demand the best, most efficient design possible. Our pet store displays show off your food, equipment, bedding, toys, and more in the best light possible. We manufacture pet store shelving unique to your business that will maximize revenue.

Pharmacy Shelving

When customers enter your pharmacy, you want them to be impressed by the intuitive layout and thoughtful displays. Storflex manufactures expertly designed pharmacy counters, prescription drug bays, gondola display shelving, checkout counters, and more to keep your customers coming back for more.

Liquor Store Shelving

Gondola shelving, comboshelving, clearspan shelving, and retail sales counters are just a few of the liquor store shelving products Storflex provides liquor and wine store owners. Speak to a store designer today to learn how to maximize your retail space effectively.

Convenience Store Shelving

Storflex manufactures various sizes and colors, all available within the fastest lead times in the industry. Take your convenience store to the next level with our store fixture displays. Along with an effective design strategy, we can ensure your customers will be pleased to visit your store daily.

Grocery Store Shelving

From gondola shelving, retail sales counters, and radius shelves to walk-in coolers and freezers, Storflex manufactures supermarket and grocery store shelving customized to your business that will maximize revenue.