Gondola Casters System

A unique approach to changing merchandising needs is made possible by the Storflex unitized welded upright and base shoe system. At Storflex, we weld angles to our uprights to allow the use of carrier rails that are shipped complete with heavy-duty 3 1/2”, full swivel, ball-bearing hard rubber casters.

  • Four nuts and bolts are all that are required to convert to Mobile Shelving.
  • Gondola units may not extend beyond three 4–foot sections (12’).
  • Upper shelves should be at least 5” smaller than the base on Wall sections.
  • Each Gondola /Wall Section requires (2) Mobile shelf Carriers
  • Please contact your sales representative for limitations regarding the Gondola Casters System.


Storflex Gondola Casters System is the perfect mobile merchandising unit retailers can expect that will help increase impulse sales. These easy-to-move shelving displays are perfect to display in or around retail sales counters. These units also allow for easy floor cleaning your customers will appreciate.