Wall Unit Shelving

Below are some product highlights that separate Storflex from other wall unit display manufacturers. To learn more, contact Storflex today!

  • Fastest lead times in the industry
  • Strongest upright in the industry with a rating of 24,000-inch-pounds
  • Simple base shoe assembly – straight in and locks down for easy installation.
  • Base shoe and upright combination that features an Industry-leading rating in “offset loading” capacity
  • Customers have the option to have the base shoe and upright pre-attached
  • Extensive steel color palette available on all wall units with the fastest lead times in the industry


Storflex manufactures high-quality wall unit shelving with a large variety of sizing options. Effective wall unit display shelving enables retailers to maximize store space by creating versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing display solutions along their store’s perimeter.

Retail wall units are engineered and designed for the flexibility that merchandisers, architects, and store owners require. Progressive design characteristics and proprietary Gondola Guard™ Protection Plus further enhance the customer experience and extend your in-store merchandising assets’ functional life.

Storflex Assembly Instructions

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