5 Unique Wine Display Ideas Every Store Owner Should Know

Whether you have a liquor, wine and spirits shop or a grocery store, one of the essential elements of your business is the way you display your inventory. A unique retail wine display attracts customers to buy your products and increases your rate of returning customers. 

Now more than ever, liquor stores, wine tasting rooms, and restaurants are in a period of recovery to make up for lost sales. A recent study by SVB recorded that wine sales have increased by 21% within the last year, which is slightly lower than expected. 

One easy to implement strategy for attracting more potential customers is making aesthetically pleasing displays! We at Storflex understand the importance of increasing customer engagement with your products. That’s why we specialize in top-of-the-line display fixtures. Here, we will review our top five ideas for a unique wine display for your store.

4 Things To Consider When displaying Wine in Your Store

Before we go over our top five retail wine display ideas, we must determine the necessary components of wine displays you need for your store.

What Are the Types of Displays I Can Use To Display My Wine?

When choosing a display for your business, there are a variety of options to choose from. Several of the options you can implement include the following: 

  • Standard wine racks
  • Wine island or table displays
  • Retail wine display shelf units

Standard Wine Racks

A standard wine display rack is a common option for displaying your wine. Some of the benefits of utilizing a design rack to store wine for your business is that it displays your wine stylishly and creates a natural appearance of organization. 

Wine Island or Table Display

A wine island or table display is ideal if you’re looking to showcase newly added products and even offer samples for your customers. A wine island can increase customer interaction and engagement with your products. It is an effective tool of visual merchandising because a full, well organized table display is alluring and customers have to get close up to see the contents. 

Retail Wine Display Shelf Unit 

Implementing a standard wine display shelf is another type of display you can implement in your store design, and it is a staple in retail stores all over. An example of a retail wine display would be a commercial wine shelving display rack. You typically see these wine displays in grocery stores or larger liquor stores. It is excellent for organizing wines by type, price or characteristics.

What Kind of Material Do You Want for Your Wine Display?

One of the essential factors in interior modern wine shop design is selecting what type of material you want for your display rack. Wood racks give your wine retail stores a natural and earthy feeling. Some examples of wood racks would be mahogany or redwood. However, most wine shops utilize metal racks as well. Metal racks are great for their durability and affordability. 

How Far Apart Should Wine Racks Be? 

When figuring out the rack design for your shop, you must consider all the necessary measurements first. Ensure you have room for wide aisles that can fit both shoppers and staff members who are transporting wine on dollys. Ensure that you have enough room for your wine racks before installing them. 

How Do You Categorize Wine?

For a modern wine shop design, classifying your wine is crucial when organizing. To organize your wine, you can structure bottles by wine type, organic or natural vs conventionally grown, alcohol content, or seasonal varieties. By categorizing wine, it’s easier for your customers to find the wine they’re looking for and eliminates the hassle of taking inventory.

5 Creative Ways to Display Wine

There are various ways you can organize your wine inventory. Here, we will review our top five wine bottle display ideas.

  1. Get Creative with Wine Cooler Displays 

The goal of displaying your wine is to attract customers to scour your inventory and be motivated to buy products. Your target audience is wine enthusiasts or partygoers, so ensure that your presentation is aesthetically pleasing. You can also implement eye-catching signs or labels to increase customer engagement. Most wine store owners would agree that an excellent method for displaying chilled wine is to utilize a walk-in cooler

The organized, eye-catching component of a walk-in display draws customers in and invites them to linger over your inventory longer than they may on traditional shelving. Beyond aesthetics, walk-in coolers provide the obvious benefit of keeping your inventory chilled. Similarly to keeping soda, dairy, or eggs refrigerated, customers appreciate seeing chilled wine in a cooler as it creates anticipation for the buyer that the beverage is ready to be consumed whenever they buy it! 

  1. Display Top Selling Wine in the Center of your Store 

When your customers enter your store, you want to ensure they are immersed entirely in your products. One of the ways you can do that is by displaying popular wine in the center of your store, so it’s the first thing your customers see. You can display wine in the center by placing a wine island or table. We encourage you to follow a “racetrack” inventory layout which means your customers are guided in a circle around the perimeter of your shop with product lining the walls. Sale wines and seasonal wines line the walls while your new product and customer favorites are in the center. 

  1. Installing a Wall Mount for Your Wine 

Another wine display is installing a wall mount. This is a popular solution for wine and spirits shops. A wall mount allows you to display a significant amount of your wine stock and eliminate the need for traditional wine racks to increase floor space.

  1. Implementing a Wine Tower for Your Store

Implementing a showcase tower is another way to display wine for your store. Wine towers are not always designed to have customers pull wine from; rather they are aesthetically pleasing and impressive. Surrounding the tower with easy to access bottles is a surefire way to increase buzz and sales.

  1. Incorporate Standard Wine Display Shelving Units

Incorporating standard wine display units is a classic way to increase customer engagement with your product because people can approach the wine, see options easily, and reach what they need. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a clearspan shelving unit so you can display your products on both sides rather than just one. 

What else can I put in a wine rack? 

If you also sell snacks or wine accessories, you can display them next to the wine, but don’t let the other products obstruct the customer’s vision of the wine itself. 

Final Thoughts

Displays are essential to your business layout, and well thought out design elements will increase customer engagement and sales. At Storflex, we are committed to providing superior display options to help your business grow. Contact us today for more information on how we can customize your retail displays for business success.